Garnett leading the charge at Nets practice

I don't think we expected anything less from KG when he was traded to the Nets. Kevin is prideful, and he's going to give you everything he has in the tank. Garnett was behind the culture change here six years ago, and it looks like he's up to his old tricks in Brooklyn.

Kevin Garnett "commanding" at Nets practices-SB Nation

Doc Rivers said it back in July, talking about Kevin Garnett. "His presence there alone will absolutely change the culture of Brooklyn."

That's the word from Duke, too. As one Nets insider who's been at the practices said, "He is definitely a very commanding presence. He just emanates power."

"I don't take any s--t." KG said, when asked about toughness. "Anybody wants to say something to you guys, including the women here, you guys will fire back. I'm no different than that. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I care about the game. I never disrespect the game or myself or my family. If want to call that tough, I guess that's tough."

KG had some fun (again) with his coach Wednesday, continuing their debate over how many minutes Garnett will play. Kidd doesn't want him to play both ends of a back-to-back. KG says their discussions haven't not gone too well. It's all playful. "He’s been great," Jaon Kidd said. "For me and him, he respects me and I respect him. I just sat in that seat. For me to get him to the finish line is my goal."

Garnett is not all rough and gruff. Here's what he said about Brook Lopez: "I've never played with a center whose skill level is at this point," Garnett said after practice. "I've obviously played with greats, but to the point where he's young and still hasn't peaked yet."

Kevin wasn't going to be timid when he arrived to Brooklyn. He wasn't going to except anything less than a winning season. Danny said on media day, that it could take a decade to replace someone like KG, and I find that to be a true statement.

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