Being a leader comes natural for Bogans

Keith Bogans time in Boston could be short. In the meantime he's acting like he'll finish out his three deal in a Celtics uniform. Bogans brings something different to the table this season, and it seems like he's a guy that will aid Rondo when he's back.

The 33-year-old swingman inked a three-year, $15.9 million contract to be included in the big deal over the summer with the Boston-Brooklyn swap via sign-and-trade.

The reason behind the Bogans contract was to help include Paul Pierce, in return the Celtics walked away with a $10.3 million trade exception, something that could help the transition process. The big question is if Danny will pick up Keith's final two years next summer. If he doesn't, that will give the Celtics an extra 5 million in cap. For now, Bogans is playing his part, and his leadership is welcome.

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"Keith Bogans is a guy that's known throughout the league as a consummate teammate," Celtics coach Brad Stevens said. "You look at him, and he's a guy that may not start in the starting lineup, but he's found his way into a starting lineup a lot over the course of his career. He makes shots and, on a day like today, where we lost our legs a little bit, he stood out a little bit more because he's in really good shape, he takes care of himself, and he competes all the way until the end."
"I'll naturally just ease my way into [a leadership role]," Bogans said. "It's not anything that I'm going to try to force. I'm the older guy. The guys look to me for leadership. It's natural. They're looking to me for leadership."

Bogans would have been a nice player to have during the "Big 4" era. He's a tough guy, and a solid leader, who seems to have some intangibles on the court. When it comes to actual playing time. He's fighting along with Lee, Brooks, and Crawford. I still think Stevens will utilize him this year, in what role, who knows.

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