Things to ponder on a slow news day: Are the Heat the most dominant NBA team since the mid 80's Celtics?

The thought of this makes me cringe.  And I expect most Celtics fans like myself would be quick to respond with something along the lines of "No freaking way."  Personally I'd be much happier never even acknowledging it as a possibility.  However, late last night I came across this little factoid on twitter:

Obviously this stat is skewed by the brief retirement of Michael Jordan in 1993, which created a two-year gap in what could have been a run of 8 straight Finals appearances (and maybe even championships?) for Chicago.  But the facts are the facts, and if Miami wins the East again this year they will have done something nobody else has since the original Big 3.  Putting aside the homer predictions of the ex-Bulls, a case can be made that the Nets or Pacers may have a shot at knocking off the Heat in 2014 (check out our last episode of CelticsLife Live).

But assuming the LeBrons do make it back to the Finals for a 4th consecutive year, I can't imagine they'll ever match the level of dominance shown by the '85-'86 Boston team that went 50-1 at home, including 40 straight to close out the season on their way to the title.

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