Report: Fab Melo has a new (temporary) home, heading to training camp with Mavericks

The basketball odyssey of Fab Melo continues. From Syracuse, to Boston, to Maine, back to Boston, back to Maine, to Memphis and now — reportedly to Dallas.

From ESPN Dallas.

The Dallas Mavericks' ongoing search for a bargain big man has led them to invite the recently released Fab Melo to training camp, according to sources close to the situation.

Sources told on Tuesday that the Mavericks have struck a training camp deal with Melo, who was traded from Boston to Memphis after his rookie season with the Celtics and then waived by the Grizzlies in August, two weeks after they acquired him.

So Melo joins his third team in the past three weeks, but chances are this will be a short stay.

According to Hoops World, the Mavs already have 15 players under contract for this season all of whom are guaranteed. That means the Mavs would either need to trade someone or release them and eat the money to make room for Melo. And unless Melo has a reverse-Monstars type moment in the next couple of weeks no team is about to trade or release an actual NBA player to keep him.

For Fab's sake, I hope he somehow does catch on in Dallas or somewhere else this year. But I find it more likely that he's played his final NBA game already. He was totally outclassed during the summer league, seemingly regressing from where he was last year with the Red Claws.

Oh well, we'll always have the chair thing.

Good luck Fab.

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