Rajon Rondo might be leaving Nike

Former Celtic and now former Adidas spokesperson Kevin Garnett signed with the Chinese sportswear company ANTA in 2010, ending his long deal with Adidas. He recently went on promo duty overseas he gave some key nuggets on a number of topics, which is a real rarity with the extremely private KG. Is Rajon Rondo soon to also join ANTA with KG?

According to Dime Magazine, Rondo is up for a new shoe contract after his deal with Nike ended over the summer and there is some serious evidence to support that he’ll be also joining ANTA. Sole Collector did some hardcore research and came up with the below teaser picture with only KG’s image showing:
ANTA “Team Priceless” (photo. http://www.anta.com/team_priceless/team.html)

Hmm… the third image looks familiar…

Same with the fifth…

All signs point to Rondo following KG’s lead to the China based ANTA. We all know Rondo's relationship with KG so it's not out of the realm of possibility that KG helped recruit Rondo to ANTA. I’m sure Nike is a tiny-bit disappointed, but as long as they have the LeBron and Kobe cash cows they won’t sweat it. Another former Celtic Stephon Marbury was the first mainstream star to blaze the trail in China joining with the owner of the Chinese team he played for to manufacture, sell and distribute his shoes. Will you be online trying to cop Rondos new kicks? Don't forget about those international shipping charges.

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