It's been two months since the Nets deal, Boston now has more trade options available

Time to make a deal?
It was exactly two months ago (July 12) today that the Celtics acquired Kris Humphries, Gerald Wallace, and MarShon Brooks from Brooklyn (Keith Bogans was technically part of a separate sign and trade deal).  Due to a clause in the league's collective bargaining agreement, Boston has been unable to trade any of those three in a multiple player deal since then.  Now that two months have passed, those restrictions no longer apply and the C's are free to move the three former Nets any way they can (Bogans still can't be traded until December 15).

Whether or not there is a market out there for any of them is a different story.  Wallace's contract (3 more years at $10+ million) is practically untradeable.  Humphries is on the hook for $12 million this year, but since his contract expires at the end of the season there may be teams interested in acquiring him in order to create future cap space.  However, Boston may well choose to hang on to him for the that same reason.  Brooks is only getting paid a little under $1.3 million and could draw some minor interest from other clubs, but is also unlikely to bring much back in return.

All has been quite on the trade rumor front for some time now, and most people seem to have accepted that the current roster is the one the C's will head to camp with.  But it's possible with new options now at his disposal Danny Ainge may look to make another move.

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