ESPN ranks Fab Melo the 2nd* worst player in the NBA

To help pass the doldrums of the NBA offseason, has begun ranking all the players in the league from 1-500, starting with the bottom.  And since there are only 450 roster spots (30 teams, 15 each), there are a lots of guys towards the end of this list who probably won't qualify as NBA players much longer.  That's where former Celtic Fab Melo comes in.  After being traded from Boston to Memphis this summer he was waived by the Grizzlies; something that is practically unheard of for a first round draft pick entering the second year of his guaranteed rookie deal.  Melo is now hoping to find a home with Dallas after being given a training camp invitation by the Mavericks.  All of this lands Melo at #499 in ESPN's rankings.  So the questioning you must be wondering is, who's worse?

The answer is Royce White, who to this point is a bigger bust than Melo.  Taken with the 15th pick in last year's draft by Houston, White has yet to play a single NBA game due to a number of issues stemming from the fact that he suffers from anxiety disorder and is unwilling to fly.  The Rockets gave up on White and dealt him to Philly back in July.  White's absurdly unique and bizarre situation is obviously what earned him the #500 spot, so in my book that deserves an asterisk.  I'd say it's fair to label Fab Melo as officially worthy of holding the honors of worst NBA player.

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