Video: KG practicing with the Nets

It's rather depressing to think that a few months ago we had Rondo, Pierce, KG, Green, and Bradley aka a better team than the Nets and now they have a legitimate shot for a title while we're forced debating whether it's better off for us to win 15 or 35 games this season. ESPN did The Association one year too soon with the Nets. KG will transform the whole culture there. All of a sudden you'll see guys like Joe Johnson playing defense and Andray Blatche not being a dumbass.

Even though the Celtics own the Nets 2014 #1 pick, so it would behoove Celtics fans for the Nets to suck this season, they won't, and personally rooting for KG and Pierce to get their 2nd rings will be an exciting tangent for Celtics fans.

Thanks Ticket from the Shout Box for the tip.