Some big time college coaches have high praise for Brad Stevens

In yesterday's Boston Globe, Bob Ryan wrote a piece entitled "Brad Stevens has a tough road ahead in NBA."  And while Ryan notes a long line of college coaches who's recent NBA tenures did not go so well, he also points out that two of Steven's most esteemed contemporaries seem to like his chances.

Syracuse's Jim Boeheim called Stevens "the best young coach I have seen in my time."  And while Boeheim is a former Team USA assistant, the national team's head coach also has very high praise for Stevens. Said Duke's Mike Krzyzewski:
"He'll do great with the Celtics, it's a great hire by Danny Ainge. I think age is overrated. You either get the job done or you don’t. You can do it or you can’t. He’s proven he can do the job."

Here's more of what other peers of Stevens had to say about him when he first took the job with Boston (via ESPN's Andy Katz):

Marquette's Buzz Williams:
"Coach Stevens is everything that is right about our profession, and was an absolute star at Butler. I anticipate he will be the exact same with the Celtics."

Ohio State's Thad Matta:
"I am very excited for Brad, his family and the Boston Celtics. He did a masterful job in his time at Butler, and as an alum I know he will be greatly missed. He has a great mind for the game and great instincts in dealing with players. I look forward to following his path to success with the Celtics."

UCLA's Steve Alford:
"I'm very happy for Brad. He's done a phenomenal job at Butler and is very deserving of this opportunity. Great hire by the Celtics."

Memphis' Josh Pastner (who is a year younger than Stevens):
"I think Brad is one of the great coaches of the game, regardless of college or pro. It's basketball. He'll do great with the Celtics. It's a great hire by Danny Ainge. A great hire. I think age is overrated. You either get the job done or you don't. You can do it or you can't. He's proven he can do the job. He has had tremendous success at Butler."

UPDATE: It's been pointed out to me that the above quote appears twice.  Ryan credited it to Coach K, but Katz attributed it to Pastner.

And finally more from Krzyzewski:
"He's really smart. His teams play that way. He's just a heckuva of a coach. He has a maturity of an established head coach right away. I just think -- forget about young coaches -- I think he's one of the best coaches. I don't think you could have a better guy. He's smart and he'll adapt. I think he'll do a really good job there."

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