Report: Celtics will open their season against the Raptors

Per Gary Washburn.

Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore.

If it wasn't already abundantly clear that the Paul Pierce-Kevin Garnett era was over, this hammers that point home pretty clearly. After all, here are the Celtics last five opening night match-ups.

2008-09 Cavaliers
2009-10 Cavaliers
2010-11 Heat
2011-12 Knicks (Christmas Day)
2012-13 Heat

And now..we get DeMar DeRozan. Buy hey, the release of the schedule (the entire thing will be released at 6pm) means we're moving closer to basketball season. Raptors or not.

With the NBA season tipping off October 29th, look for the Celtics to start either the 30th or 31st. But again, we'll find that out a little later.

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