Kelly Olynyk says plantar fasciitis improving

ESPN's Chris Forsberg is reporting that Celtics rookie Kelly Olynyk's foot issues are getting better.

When this injury came out last month, it was a little troubling. Olynyk has never been a guy to average a ton of minutes, even in college. Last year, his junior year at Gonzaga, Olynyk averaged 26.4 minutes per game which was around 13 minutes per game more than he played the season before, but still much less than starters minutes in the NBA. Also, the college schedule is much shorter than the 82-game NBA regular season with a typical college season running just over 30 games.

For Olynyk to be suffering from an injury typically associated with overuse of the foot when he hasn't appeared to be overusing his body is less than ideal. That particular injury can be very difficult to get rid of as well and can crop back at any time if Olynyk isn't 100 percent. Just ask Kendrick Perkins about his joyful experience with the injury in 2006.

The news that Olynyk is getting better is encouraging, but as this Sports Illustrated piece from 2011 points out, plantar fasciitis is nothing to trifle with.

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