First interview with Faverani as a member of the Boston Celtics

In which was one of the most exciting experiences as a Celtics fan that I have been part of, the staff at the Spanish Celtics blog CelticsSpa got the chance to interview the newest member of the Boston Celtics: Vitor Faverani. This is the first interview with Faverani as a member of the Celtics.

The Brazilian center talked to us and let us know how excited he was of being a part of the most glorious sports franchise in the world:

I sincerelly couldn't believe it when I started working out for them this summer. I thought I was in a dream. I had to slap my face at times because I didn't know if what was happening was real. The history, the amount of championships and the players that have been part of the Celtics...for me it is an amazing thing to start being part of this team. I will probably realize what I am living once I will be playing the first game and put my feet on the court and say to myself: ''Wow. This is the NBA and I am playing for the Boston Celtics”. 

Faverani told us about his workouts with the Celtics and how well the team treated him from the very beginning:
Of all the teams I worked out for, Boston was the one that convinced me more of the possibility of playing there. And it was because of the way they treated me (...) They greeted me and from the first moment there is someone in the organization, Austin, that talked to me in Spanish. We were talking for a while and then they treated me as if I was already playing for them. We did the medical check up and I started thinking that it wasn't normal that they were treating me so well. It was unbelievable
Faverani also commented on the prospect of playing with Rajon Rondo next season and how ecstatic he is when he pictures himself receiving passes from pick and roll plays with Rajon. He regrets not being able to play with Kevin Garnett, whom he admires and expected to meet as a teammate but he offered these funny reflection on the matter:

CelticsSpa: Well, you will have a chance very soon to play against the Nets in October in preseason and you will be able to meet Kevin Garnett.

Vitor Faverani: It wasn't exactly the way I had pictured myself meeting with him (hitting each other, laughs) but at least I will be able to say I finally met him. I will shake his hand and tell him: ”this is Vitor, nice to meet you”. It is not the best way, but this is what destiny wants, so let's go for it.

As many people in the United States haven´t had the chance to watch him play, we asked him to define himself as a basketball player and this is what he said about himself:

I can say I am a big player, very mobile, I can run, jump, and love to play in the post. I love playing in the paint and being physical there. I can also shoot and open the court with my shooting. I will not score 10 three pointers but I can stretch the floor with my shooting ability. I also love the pick and roll game and end with a dunk. What I enjoy more of basketball is dunking.
Faverani was very kind a very direct. He seems a very nice person with a lot of passion for the game and is fully excited to start playing with the Celtics.

You can find the whole interview here, and while it is in Spanish you can also check a translated transcript in English of our conversation with Vitor.