Report: Celtics sign point guard Phil Pressey to a multiyear contract

Via Gary Washburn.

Watching Pressey in the summer league, he was really impressive on the defensive end. He's only 5'11" but is an absolute pest and is extremely quick to the ball.

Offensively he turned the ball over way too much but also showed the ability to quarterback the team and get to the rim. As of now he seems to be the favorite to backup Rajon Rondo, as none of the other guards on the roster are really point guards (Bradley, Crawford, Lee, Brooks, Bogans). Of course, Pressey's signing brings the Celtics up to 15 players under guaranteed deals, with two others (Randolph and Iverson) fighting for spots as well. Considering their oversized roster and proximity to the luxury tax, it's still a safe bet that the C's will make another move before the end of the summer.

Back to Pressey himself — what a moment this must be for him. A chance to make the Celtics after spending his high school years in Massachusetts, and potentially a chance to play with one of the best point guards in basketball. Good stuff.

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