No need to worry C's fans, Shavlik Randoplh wants to stay in Boston

CSNNE's Jessica Camerato recently wrote a piece in which Shavlik Randoplh made his intentions clear that he would like to remain a Celtic:
“I’m preparing to be a Boston Celtic next season and I’m going to move forward with that preparation until I’m told otherwise. I’ve had great conversations with the team and I feel like I’m part of the team, but I obviously know it’s a business and there are big changes being made. … Nothing is guaranteed for a guy like me when a team has an option on a player. I felt good about what I did last season and I really hope that it can work out that I’m back with the team next season. But regardless, I’m working to become better and really trying to have the most productive offseason I’ve had in a long time for whoever I end up playing for, but I really do hope I can be back with Boston.”

This is far from breaking news, but it's worth noting that Boston has until August 1st to decide if they want to pick up the team option on Randolph's contract for $1.1 million next year.  And while the title of this post is obviously sarcastic, I have to admit I'd probably be more excited about seeing Shavlik out there getting some run next season than either Gerald Wallace or Kris Humphries.

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