Fresh new start: 13th edition of your Celtics podcast in Spanish

And here we start a new era and give you the most detailed information in our weekly edition of your Celtics podcast in Spanish.

Bogans contacting Gerald Wallace?
We start the show by analyzing the press conference of the players just arrived from the Brooklyn Nets. We are all pleasantly surprised by the nice words and personality displayed by Keith Bogans. He can add some needed leadership in the locker room with the much younger squad of 2013-14. We joke a little bit with his voice, which we label as Texas Chainsaw Massacre voice. We comment on his contract which is logically quite high but at the same time will only be guaranteed for next season. The team will have some more flexibility to do more transaction in the crucial summer of 2014.

We obviously have high hopes for MarShon Brooks, who arrived to the press conference with green tie and socks. He looked hyped to show his Celtics jersey and to finally be able to join the Celtics forces after being traded in draft night in 2011. Brooks is a player that can score at ease and has an uncanny talent to put the ball in the basket.

A weird moment for Celtics fans
The presence of Kris Humphries comes with much controversy as he has been a player quite disliked by Celtics nation. He looked awkward in the press conference and in a way he seemed to not fit in the whole thing. At the same time, Hump is a valid player who fills a need in the team (rebounding) and whose contract will free up $12 million bucks in the summer of 2014. If you take into consideration that Bogans only has a year guaranteed, it will leave a $17 million dollars free to use in a transaction for a good player.

We also comment on the fresh waiving of Kris Joseph (also part of the Celtics-Nets trade) and the absence of Gerald Wallace due to a previous compromise in his native Alabama.

The biggest surprise came with the announcement of another secret aspect of the trade: Danny majestically got a $10.3 million exception from Brooklyn which the team can use during the next year. We all agree that Danny Ainge has done a superb transaction and that we got gold out from Brooklyn, who was desperate to get KG and Paul to make a dream team next year.

Olynyk aiming high
Next we comment in detail about the games played by the Celtics in the Summer League. We absolutely loved the play of recently signed Kelly Olynyk. We are thrilled with his ability to play in the offense, his skills and the willing to learn to play better defense and be tougher than advertised. Olynyk has shown so far that Ainge was right in selecting him with the 13th pick in June.

Phil Pressey is also a very good project for our Celtics next year. He can be get to be Rajon´s backup next year. He has been rumored to be about to get signed by the Celtics, once the roster gets a little be trimmed and Ainge has more flexibility to sign new players such as Vitor Faverani, the Brazilian center who was playing in Valencia, Spain.

Actually, we get some insider info on Faverani from Rams├ęs, fan from the Valencia team as well and he has been able to follow his development from close distance. Faverani will make our frontcourt stronger and hopefully he will be able to contribute more than his countryman Fab Melo.

Next we comment the intelligent trip of Brad Stevens to Louisville to Rajon Rondo´s campus. He seems determined to give his full support to his leader and try to make the rumors with Detroit evaporate. While there is always a (small) chance that Rondo is traded to the Motown, we are increasingly more sure that the team will build around Rajon.

As usual, we answer the questions from our listeners, who this week center around the possible trades that Ainge may do with some of the players recently acquired by Ainge from the Nets and the contracts of Brandon Bass and Courtney Lee. Ainge is looking for expiring contracts and round picks. We also comment on the need to make some changes because we have overbooking in the shooting guard and power forward position.

Finally we have the section of humor centered this week about famous quotes of classic movies.

A very rich and very interesting podcast is what the gang of CelticsSpa offer you on this Tuesday evening. Press the play button and listen to newest updates of your Boston Celtics in the Spanish language.