Brad Stevens isn't into tanking, intent on winning in Boston

After the Celtics press conference yesterday, Baxter Holmes of the Boston Globe sent out some tweets revealing a few more things new head coach Brad Stevens had to say:

Obviously this is the right thing for him to say, but from everything I've seen and heard about Stevens I have a very difficult time believing he won't try his hardest to win every single game the Celtics play (he's not another 1996 M.L. Carr).  Also along these lines:

Again, this is exactly what Danny Ainge needs to tell Kris Humphries, and exactly what Humphries should say to a reporter as well.  In reality we have no idea if Humphries will even be here very long.  But it's definitely possible for Boston to build for the future while still attempting to win games next season, especially considering the $10.3 million trade exemption they just received.  Regardless of how next season unfolds, it appears clear that Stevens is committing to Boston for the long haul:

Stevens actually first revealed he was planning to move here at his introductory press conference a week and half ago; check out "5 reasons Stevens looks like the more than perfect replacement for Doc."

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