Avery Bradley: Inspiration

Avery Bradley is coming into his 4th season in the league. He will be the second longest tenured Boston Celtics this season behind Rajon Rondo. We expect him to be a leader and a huge piece to our success this season.

He is also a huge inspiration to a long time friend, Abdul Gaddy. CSNNE reported that Avery Bradley has been friends with Abdul Gaddy since the 6th grade. They have played basketball with each other for years and Bradley has given support to his good friend that is trying to make a NBA roster. Gaddy didn't get drafted but played for the Charlotte Bobcats summer league team.

“He says continue to work hard, make sure you are as professional as possible, make sure you’re ready at all times, and make sure you always have fun,” said Gaddy. “That’s the main thing he says, some people lose that.”

Bradley may only be 22 years old but he is a 4 year vet, something Gaddy admires. Gaddy wants to continue to work hard and accomplish his dreams just like Bradley did.

(From watching Avery I learned) to play hard every night because that’s the hardest thing,” he said. “You’ve got 82 games and you could play three in a row on the road, and he plays hard every night, just throwing his body constantly, so he makes sure he takes care of his body as well.”

Gaddy seems like e appreciates Bradley a lot. They became friends playing a sport together and now it has become a lifelong friendship.

“He tells me how everything goes and he’s always been a good influence when it comes to basketball,” said Gaddy. “We talk on a consistent basis, that’s one of my best friends. Not even talking about basketball, talking about life in general, he’s always been like a big brother to me. He’s been a good mentor.”

Avery has to be a big brother to this young team next season. This will be a contract year for Avery so I expect big things. It's great to see long time friends still keep in contact and making each other become better players.

What do you expect out of Avery Bradley next season? Comment below.

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