Afternoon Delight: A Steal

Not to get too excited about summer league performances (because we shouldn't) but three games into the ongoing Orlando league and Danny Ainge is looking a lot like the Hamburglar with the steal that is Kelly Olynyk.  In three games, KO is averaging a remarkable 19.7 points (on 56% FG, including 43% from 3FG), 7.3 rebounds and 3 assists per game in leading the C's to a 2-1 mark.

The most notable observations about Olynyk's performances is his terrific footwork, handles and offensive skills.  He has good range, a soft touch from the outside and McHale-like moves on the inside.  Defense, though, is another thing altogether.  Nevetheless, not a few fans in the twitter-verse have been comparing him to Dirk Nowitzki.

But as we said -- we shouldn't get too excited.  Summer league stars do not necessarily translate into rotation players in the NBA -- much less All-Stars.  That being said, though, it is good to know that Olynyk's got great (offensive) fundamentals to build on.  And if he gels quickly with the Celts' young core of Rondo, Green, Sully, AB and Marshon Brooks, then Ainge would definitely have made out like a bandit.

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