About the end of an era: 11th podcast in Spanish

Pierce and KG will play for the Nets next season
It finally happened and we all lived it with a mixed feeling of sadness and hope for the future ahead. Last Thursday we were struck with the news of the interest of the Brooklyn Nets in acquiring both Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. Right after losing Doc to the Clippers, we didn´t expect the rumor to become real and progress so quickly. The trade bubble grew increasingly fast until it burst at Draft night: Kevin Garnett was asked to allow the trade and soon after it was agreed on (it will be official on July 12th):

The Celtics traded the captain (Pierce) and the heart of the Ubuntu Celtics (Garnett) to the Brooklyn Nets.

That huge piece of news was the main topic in our 11th podcast on the Celtics in Spanish.

Brooks can be a valuable player for our team
We discussed in length about the pieces of the trade, the importance of the three first round picks acquired from Brooklyn and the possible future of the players involved in the trade. In the office we liked the fact that Marshon Brooks was finally included in the trade instead of Reggie Evans. Brooks is very young and has a lot of upside. It is expected that Danny will trade some of the players in the deal, while the youngest players in the trade (Brooks and Joseph) will have a chance to prove the belong to the team´s future plans.

Gerald Wallace´s three year contract is a burden on the team, but we talked about how he will likely be traded before he fulfills that period of time in Boston. As for Kris Humphries, his expiring deal will free some cap space next summer unless he is traded before for some nicer combination of players. Keith Bogans is a tough player that will add some veteran help to the new and young Celtics, provided he finally stays with us after training camp.

After that we talk about the draft and the selection of Kelly Olynyk and Colton Iverson. Our NCAA gurus, Aless and Raico talk in detail about both players. While Olynyk is a very known player who has had a succesful year in Gonzaga (we all like the selection) we discover a little bit more about Iverson and the undrafted signing of Phil Pressey. We talk about the Summer League roster and the intriguing players that are part of it as well.

After trying to digest all the news on the departure of Doc, KG and Paul and the draft night madness we are again faced to the trade rumors another week. This time the hot name is Rajon Rondo, who has been linked to several scenarios, lately to the Pistons. We believe that the Celtics are at a crossroads and the rebuilding will test the future of Rondo with the team. Ainge´s words on Rondo´s attempt to sign some players to try to be competitive contrast with the clear desire of management to hit the refresh button and not add any more high salary players to the roster, such as Josh Smith.

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What will happen with Rondo? Will he be traded or will he lead the Celtics to some newer horizons next season?

For the end of the podcast we select the best questions from our listeners, trying to show some light into the difficult time that Celtics nation have lived in the recent past. Álvaro leads his more comic section right after, commenting on the news of Jason Collins possibly signing with Brooklyn and the departure of Terrence Williams.

Make sure you listen to our newest podcast, mastered by our Celtics genious Ramsés and have a good time while you may be starting your summer holidays.