Vinny Del Negro could be Celtics head coach if Doc Rivers leaves

I wish I didn't just have to write that title.

Apparently, the Clippers' recently fired head coach, Vinny Del Negro, is the leading candidate for Danny Ainge and company to replace Rivers if hired.

Doc Rivers keeps drawing his "decision" out, and as a result, the Celtics could be missing out on some of the best candidates available right now. Either Brian Shaw or Lionel Hollins are expected to be announced as the Denver Nuggets' new coach soon.

Can you blame Danny Ainge for making a list of potential replacements? No. Unfortunately though, Vinny Del Negro appears to be leading that list.

Boston Herald:
Two league sources with direct knowledge of the situation confirmed yesterday that if Rivers does indeed leave, former Clippers coach Vinnie Del Negro will receive serious consideration as his replacement.

Clippers management, known to be interested in Rivers now that his reluctance has become public, was denied permission to talk to him earlier this week, according to one of the sources. Celtics management has now denied two teams permission — the Clippers and Nets. Memphis is also said to be interested, though Grizzlies management has not approached Ainge.

Interesting to also note here that Memphis would like Doc to fill their coaching vacancy, of course, what team without a coach wouldn't want Doc?

The story here is Vinny Del Negro and why everyone thinks he's so terrible.

Del Negro has been a head coach in the NBA for five years with both the Bulls and Clippers. He's had talented squads that he's failed to get the most out of on each team. In LA, it appears as if his team had really quit on him with rumors swirling that Chris Paul made the demand to have Del Negro fired.

One thing is clear, it doesn't seem like Del Negro can maximize the talent on his roster. His Chicago Bulls teams with Derrick Rose were an even .500 both years he was coach. The year after he was fired, with Thibodeau, the Bulls went to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Del Negro has often been criticized for failing to put his players in the best positions to succeed or helping them improve. He lacks both imagination on offense and has never had a great defensive team either. After he left Chicago, that team went from 14th best defense in the league to second.

Del Negro is also famous for giving up on his team in last year's playoffs. The Clippers were down 21 in the fourth to the Grizzlies and Del Negro gave up. Chris Paul had to beg him to put him in and LA ended up coming back and winning the game.

Please, Doc, just come back.