Green Target: Chris Kaman

Last summer, I wanted us to pick up Chris Kaman. I thought his scoring and KG teaching him how to play defense will help our roster get to where we want to be. In the Summer, Chris Kaman chose to team up with his Olympic teammate Dirk Nowitzki and sign with the Mavs. He had an up and down season. He averaged his lowest point per game total since 2007 by averaging 10.5 points and a career low 5.6 rebounds a game! 5.6 rebounds?!?!? Doesn't Rajon Rondo average more rebounds then that? Even his blocks were only 0.8 per game which is a career low. Now yes, I know I am bashing him pretty bad, but you can't teach height and we haven't had a real starting center since Perkins left.

How can we get him: Chris Kaman is a free agent. He was signed for one year by Mark Cuban so the Mavericks would have the cap space to get Chris Paul or Dwight Howard. Chris Kaman got paid 8 million dollars last season. I think we could easily give him half that. He is on the down swing, and does not need a multiple year contract. One year 5-6 million dollars should do it.

Pros: We need a center. Chris Kaman is 7 feet, 270 pounds that has a great offensive game. He has a mid-range jumper and can make hook shots with either hand. We could start him or have him come off the bench. He shot the second best field goal percentage of his career.

Cons: He is getting up there in age, 31 years old. He got benched last year because he could not play any defense. He doesn't rebound as much as he used too, or block enough shots. He hasn't played defense since he was a Clipper.

Would I try and acquire him: No. I think we need an active, young big man. As much as I wanted Kaman last year, I think with us possibly rebuilding, we need to get younger, not older.

What do you guys think? Should we sign Chris Kaman? Comment below.

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