[Updated] Trade Impossible: Clippers to pursue, if they do, Doc first, Garnett & Pierce later

Now that everyone is quite sure that the league is going to block the trade as it is since it is against the rules as constructed, the Clippers and the Celtics will have to get creative. How creative? Well, my guess was that they would do a few separate trades to redistribute the picks/compensation or add/subtract players from the original one to convince the league that it is a different trade. Honestly, though, any trade proposal at this point will look like nothing more than this to David Stern and the league office:

So what is the plan of action? Well, according to Ramona Shelburne of ESPNLA.com:

Anything to conclude soon in this craziness?


UPDATE: According to Wojnarowski, Los Angeles Greedies are refusing to offer compensation for Rivers, a move that puts the entire deal in jeopardy. This could either be a scheme to convince the league that the two deals are separate and the Celtics get the picks later, or that the Clippers really want to have the cake, eat it and do some other shit as well.