Afternoon Delight: C's & Clips to Swap Rondo for Paul

And the Celtics/Clips trade saga continues...

The latest word is that the league is disapproving the two proposed deals trading (1.) KG for DeAndre Jordan; and (2.) Doc for two future first-round draft picks.  Supposedly, the NBA could not see these as separate deals and as league rules disallow "side deals" to facilitate another, the trades have been thumbed down.

However, we hear now that the teams could try and re-structure the original deals to add players or other considerations in order to satisfy the NBA's requirements and from what we hear, it may involve Rondo and Paul!

Upon further investigation, though, we found out that the Rondo-for-Paul added consideration does not involve The Triple-Double King and CP3 but rather, their lesser-known twin siblings, Raymond and Cliff.  Raymond Rondo will now be the new spokesperson for a national insurance company while Cliff Paul will be endorsing Rajon's old maligned post-game jacket.

If this doesn't help facilitate the Doc/KG deals, the teams may need to swap Gino for Clipper Darryl.

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