Report: Celtics and Nets discussing trade for Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett

Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting the Celtics and Nets are currently involved in talks regarding a blockbuster trade that might send soon to be Hall of Famers Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to Brooklyn.  In return Boston would receive multiple players of equal contract value, and three future first round draft picks:

When Woj says something, there is usually truth behind it.  I'm not wild about the players said to be involved (remember the Rondo-Humphries fight?), but the "3 first round picks" part of the deal is intriguing.  If you consider the C's are reportedly looking to get one 1st rounder for Pierce, another two for Garnett isn't bad for a team looking to rebuild.  Humphries is also a $12 million contract that comes of the books after next season, but Wallace is still on the hook for $10 mil for two more years after that.

From a logical and future minded perspective, this feels like a smart deal for the Celtics.  But from my point of view as a fan, it would be extremely difficult to swallow.  I'm not sure I could handle Boston going up against Pierce and Garnett on the Nets four times next season.  And as Woj mentions, would Garnett have any interest in actually doing this?  Depending on how you interpret the double negative in his tweet, it sounds like Woj is implying Garnett already has been consulted (although his article says otherwise).  My gut tells me Garnett (and Pierce) probably wouldn't be that excited about the idea of playing for Jason Kidd.

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