Draft rumors: Celtics linked to Kelly Olynyk, Steven Adams and Dennis Schroeder

German. Rondo.
T-7 hours until the NBA draft begins in Brooklyn, and seemingly no one knows anything for sure. The Cleveland Cavaliers, who hold the #1 pick, have been linked to Nerlens Noel, Otto Porter, Alex Len and Victor Oladipo. Did I mention that they've known they'd draft first for a month, and that there are only seven freaking hours before they select?

However the Cavs indecision is understandable in this years draft, where there are a number of quality players, but no sure fire "can't miss" star.

For the Celtics, who will pick 16th tonight (barring a trade), the rumors and possibilities are literally endless. They've worked out over twenty players, and seemingly every mock draft that you see they are selecting someone different.

However, there are a few rumors floating around this afternoon about who could end up in green, starting with these tweets from ESPN draft expert Chad Ford, who's hearing the Celtics are going big.

So Ford has the Celtics picking either Olynyk, a sweet shooting big man from Gonzaga that we profiled here. Or Adams, a 7'2" behemoth from New Zealand who spent one year at Pittsburgh (profiled here). The consensus is that Adams won't make it to the C's at #16, but the Mavericks have been dangling the 13th pick to teams, and if the Celts could swing a deal with them, he could be theirs.

So Olynyk and Adams seem to be the favorites if the Celts go large, but what if they go small? Well WEEI took a look at a bunch of different mock drafts, and found that one name appeared more than all the rest — German point guard Dennis Schroeder.

Schroeder, 19, averaged 11 points and 3 assists per game for his German club this season, and has drawn comparisons to Rajon Rondo because; A. He is a freakish athlete with a ridiculous wingspan and incredible speed, and B. He looks exactly like a German Rondo would look. It's rather uncanny.

However, Ford says that if Boston selects Schroeder, they'd want him to continue cutting his teeth in Europe for a few seasons, something he wants no part of.

So the Celtics want Adams, but he may not be available at 16. And they like Schroeder, but only if he stays in Europe, which he doesn't want to do. That leaves Olynyk, an average athlete with really good range for a near seven footer as the most likely of the three listed. But considering the C's position (on the verge of a rebuild), picking a guy that projects, at best, to be a rotational big man with limited upside, isn't ideal.

That's why I don't expect Ainge to take him. If there is one thing we know about Ainge, it's that he doesn't play it safe in the draft. It worked wonders with Al Jefferson and Rondo, and it failed miserably with Bill Walker and J.R. Giddens. Ainge is not afraid to take projects, and he usually stays away from "low ceiling prospects". So while Olynyk is certainly on Boston's radar, I'd be fairly surprised to hear his name called tonight with the 16th pick.

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