Jason Terry will pocket a cool extra $800k, should be enough to get tattoo removed

All's well that ends well with Jason Terry. I know a lot of Celtics fans didn't like him, but I had no issues with the Jet. He chose to come to the Celtics because he was a fan of our tradition and wnated to play for Doc Rivers and With Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett. He had a subpar regualr season, but it wasn't due to being out of shape or not trying. He simply got a year older and was being used differently. Terry's strengths were always his speed (which you lose in your mid 30's) and the pick and roll game (which he ran perfectly with Dirk in Dallas, but for one reason or another the Celtics refused to run).

Then there was the whole issue of his tattoo. This started out as a cool thing with Celtics fans. They loved the confidence, but then when he struggled, people would joke about how hilarious it would be if  we traded him and he'd be stuck with the tattoo. Well the truth of the matter is that you can always cover up one tattoo with another if you don't want to get it removed. I really don't think Terry was sweating what would happen if he didn't win a title in Boston. And now it turns out that Terry will be receiving an additional $800,000 because of the trade, so he will have plenty of dollars to get creative redoing his arm. And he still gets to play with Pierce and Garnett.

Another wrinkle was Terry’s 7.5 percent trade kicker.

Because he is owed $10.675 million left over the next two years, Terry will make an extra $800,625 as a bonus. It will be paid upon completion of the trade by the Celtics although they will still be credited with sending Terry to the Nets at his original salary of $5.225 million.

Here's hoping that Pierce, KG, and Terry win their 2nd titles each next season in Brooklyn (but also hoping by 2016 they are all gone and the Nets are the worst team in the league. Oddly enough the draft pick compensation in the Doc and Pierce/KG trades make rooting for their future success run contradictory with rooting for the Celtics future success. If Doc, Pierce, and KG bomb in L.A and Brooklyn, the Celtics reap the rewards. If they do well, the Celtis get crappy picks).