Dallas Mavericks interested in Rajon Rondo trade

This trade would make a ton of sense for the Mavericks and much less sense for the Celtics. Yes, the Mavericks would love to pair Howard, Dirk, and Rondo all together and if anyone can get creative enough to make it happen it's Mark Cuban. Truth is though that Chris Paul is very likely staying with the Clippers and the Mavericks odds of signing Dwight Howard are low. So who might be the the 3rd best player available? One Rajon Rondo.

Shane Larkin definitely isn't worth Rondo. The package that was worth Rondo, Philly scooped up when they traded Jrue Holiday for Nerlens Noel and a 2014 1st rounder. Now could I see Danny trying to trade Rondo with poison contract pills Brandon Bass and Gerald Wallace attached? Certainly. But then the question is do the Mavs have enough expiring contracts to make a trade like that work? And also if the Celtics don't even have 1 all-star on their roster, what's the use of having extra cap space? you're not going to attract any marquee free agents. Shit we couldn't attract marquee guys with the Big 3 and Doc coaching (talking to you CP3 and Howard).

I rate the chance of a Rondo to the Mavs trade as low. If the Mavs had a couple more young assets it would be more realistic, but Larkin is definitely not enough for Rondo.

Update 4:27pm: