ESPN Report: Clippers want Doc, KG AND Pierce; Unwilling to part with Bledsoe

Marc Stein, ESPN

The Los Angeles Clippers and the Boston Celtics have formally opened serious discussions on multiple transactions that potentially could add up to a seismic trade arrangement that ultimately lands Celtics stars Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce and coach Doc Rivers in L.A., according to sources close to the process.

Sources told the Clippers are concurrently weighing the prospect of offering star forward Blake Griffin in tandem with prized young guard Eric Bledsoe to the Los Angeles Lakers in a sign-and-trade pitch to land Dwight Howard after July 1.

The initial talks with Boston, sources said Saturday, are focused on the Clippers satisfying Boston's compensation demands to let Rivers out of his lucrative contract and corresponding trade proposals aimed at bringing Garnett to town with Rivers.

The Clippers, sources said, are willing to surrender cash and multiple draft picks to secure Rivers' services and offer young center DeAndre Jordan as the primary piece in a deal in exchange for Garnett.

But sources said Saturday the Clippers, at present, are refusing to include the highly coveted Bledsoe with Jordan in the same trade in hopes of keeping Bledsoe for a separate transaction.

Sources say the Clippers want to keep open the option that they could package Bledsoe with Griffin in a sign-and-trade offer for Howard after the Lakers' center becomes a free agent on July 1.

In confirming the Herald's report to, one source with knowledge of the talks said Saturday that, because Pierce can be bought out of his 2013-14 contract this month for a mere $5 million, his inclusion in the discussions would likely come after the Rivers and Garnett elements are sorted out.

Damn the Clippers are some greedy motherfuckers. Why not ask for Rajon Rondo as well? Don't get me wrong, KG, Pierce, and Doc won't be in Boston next year regardless, so might as well get some assets for them now than lose them for nothing. Now the Stephen A. Smith rumor of the Celtics getting Blake Griffin was complete nonsense. No way the Clippers were going to give up a young star for the Boston trio, but refusing to include Bledsoe in the deal is pretty ridiculous.

If the Clippers end up with Pierce, KG, and Doc for DeAndre Jordan (and his contract) and draft picks (which will all be very late first rounders because the Clippers will be dominant) it would be a huge heist. Also don't forget the Clippers have a bumbling idiot for an owner who could always mess up the trade. This is why this trade is either imminent or won't happen.  But don't think if it doesn't happen that Doc, KG and Pierce will be back in Boston. No way they return at this point. If this trade doesn't happen the likely back-up plan for the trio is KG retires, Doc does television work and Pierce is bought out. So that would mean the Celtics would get nothing.

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