Clippers preparing press conference for Doc Rivers and KG

Well, we thought this all would come to a head soon, and it has.

The Clippers are apparently already preparing to announce Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett.

The current deal we've heard is on the table is Doc, KG and either Terry or Lee for DeAndre Jordan and the Clippers first. If that turns out to be the final deal, you should be massively disappointed. Apparently, the Clippers were unwilling to budge on moving Eric Bledsoe, they then scheduled a second meeting with Brian Shaw.

It seems like Danny Ainge bit on that and now has probably accepted a trade that doesn't include Bledsoe, a collosal failure. Remember, he nearly traded KG for both Jordan and Bledsoe at the deadline.

Trading Garnett and Doc for just DeAndre Jordan and draft picks in the 20s is not enough.