Celtics "pushing for increased financial flexibility," possibly to make a run at Josh Smith?

 The latest news from Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski in the ongoing Celtics-Clippers negotiations is that Boston "pushing for increased financial flexibility" -- if Bledsoe isn't included in the deal, the Celtics might try and get rid of some players under multi-year contracts (probably guys like Brandon Bass or Courtney Lee) in order to free up cap space:

Bill Simmons speculates that perhaps the C's are trying to gain this financial flexibility in order to pursue Josh Smith:

After everything that has been discussed over the past few days and the likelihood that Doc Rivers, Kevin Garnett, and now possibly Paul Pierce might not be returning to Boston next year, would you feel better about losing our veterans and coach if the deal could possibly lead to gaining Josh Smith? Vote in the poll below and sound off in the comments: