Accepting the change of times

When you read this you will probably have a bitter taste in your mouth and a bad feeling in your stomach. Yet, we were expecting this to come and some of you were even praying for it.

The times of change are finally upon us.

Good luck, KG and Paul!
The Celtics lost the coach that had lead the team for the last decade. The team lost the captain that has represented everything a Celtic is about for the last 15 years. The heart of the team, the passion, the Celtics pride represented by my favorite Celtic since Bird retired also left us last night. In other words, the soul of the team has left us and we surely feel the void inside is. They will always be Celtics. They will always bleed green.

And yet, despite all this sport grief we need to adapt to the new times and accept the change as something normal in life. Every cycle has its ends and every finish line leads to a starting one.

Change is hard. Change is painful, but it is also a part of the process. We need to accept the change and understand it. Live with it and become stronger.

Accepting changes
The Celtics are now a very young team built around Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green. We have many first round picks in the following drafts to rebuild. We also need to make some signings starting next week and the future is just here.

This team will look very different from the one that finished the previous season but we will wear the same jerseys with pride and honor. And in the Boston Garden the legend of the most glorious team in pro sports will be renewed.

We are still the Boston Celtics.

We still bleed green.

We will find our way to our next championship very soon. Such is the nature of the champion.

Farewell Doc, KG and Paul. You were amazing and you will always be remembered.

Welcome to the next era. Be proud, because you are a Celtics fan.