Why hasn’t Doc confirmed his return next season?

Now let me preface this by saying this is all speculation on my part, and Felger and Mazz briefly touching upon this in yesterday afternoons program really got me thinking about it. Danny Ainge told the media a week ago that:
“Doc is coaching next year. As far as everything I know, he’s going to be our coach.

“I haven’t heard anything other than Doc’s coaching next year.”

Both Mike Dyer and Mark Vandeusen covered this topic for CelticsLife here and here, check it out for some other good insights. Now it’s all well and good that Ainge said this, but why hasn’t Doc confirmed it? Read between the lines… ‘as far as I know.’ Interesting... conspiracy theorists align! Also apparently all the media outlets in Boston have reached out to Doc to talk to him about it, but he hasn’t answered anyone. Usually Ainge and Doc are on the same page and when one says something, the other isn’t too far behind to back them up. So why? I have two theories:

One: He’s coming back or he’s planning on coming back and he just wants time to recoup before making it public.

Two: He wants out, and Ainge is trying to force his hand and make a decision about it. The Clippers coaching vacancy might be pretty intriguing to Doc. I can almost guarantee you CP3 is trying to recruit Doc to come to LA and help him coach those young guys.

Like I said this is all speculation, but it’s just intriguing to me that Doc hasn’t confirmed it. Comment and let me hear your guy’s thoughts.

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