Video: Paul George threatens Miami with bird extinction

Game 2: Indiana Pacers 97, Miami Heat 93. Not the best night to be a mohawk wearing big man in Miami. Speaking of Birds, Larry sure did a fine job building the Pacers. Paul George is a star and Larry got him at #10 in the draft. Roy Hibbert was drafted at #17 (Yes I know Toronto technically drafted him, just like Boston technically drafted Jeff Green and the Suns technically drafted Rajon Rondo. I have to include this, because there's always that one guy in the comments section.) Bird stole David West from Danny Ainge. The list goes on and even though Bird is no longer the team's GM, these are all his players.

It's always been a disappointment to me that Larry didn't become the Celtics GM. Yes Danny has brought home 1 championship in his 10 years here (Back in the day winning just one title in a decade would be a failure for a Celtics GM, but Ainge is lauded for it), but I just think Bird would have done better. If you think it's hard for Boston to attract top free agents, trying be a small market like Indiana. As Indy's coach, Bird was able to get the Pacers to the Finals. Then he rebuilt the team and should of made the Finals again if not for the Detroit brawl. And now his slick moves of the past few years has the Pacers going toe to toe with the supposed unstoppable Heatles (without Danny Granger to boot).

So I kind of bogarted this post with Larry Legend stuff (my bad), but in summation, Chris "Birdman" Andersen you got ridiculously posterized and Larry Bird, you still the man.

p.s. Despite my best efforts, I'm told the vast majority of people love titles wrought with puns, so enjoy you vast majority you.

p.p.s. The TNT crew is the best in the business. Here's their take: