Rajon Rondo ends up on Joan Rivers' lap

We posted early yesterday afternoon that Rajon Rondo was going to be on Fashion Police on E! I went looking for the video just now with no luck, but did find this photo of Rondo dressed up for the show. Somehow he ended up sitting on a plastic chair Joan Rivers. We'll post the video when it comes available. Or if you find it first you can email it to me: jr@celticslife.com

Update: Thanks Enes for emailing the video to us. Our readers are the best.

Job well done by Rondo. A couple of the highlights were when Joan Rivers asks Rondo if Kris Humphries got mad at him because he hummed a Kanye song. Then on Rondo's famous postgame
jacket that we posted yesterday,  Rivers quips, "It's a little too old, it's mostly black and not accomplishing anything. I'm surprised it doesn't play for the Lakers."

Video courtesy of Beyond The Buzzer.

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