Rooting for Tim Duncan

I have always had a soft spot for Tim Duncan. I know him and KG don't get along but I do hope he is the one raising the Larry O'brien trophy in June. Tonight, the Spurs play game 4 of their Western Conference Finals series against the Memphis Grizzlies, I will be sure to be rooting for the Spurs.

Here are 5 reasons I would love to see the Spurs win a championship this year since our beloved Boston Celtics could not.

1) Odd number year, just saying (Spurs have won all their championships in odd number years: 99, 03, 05, 07).

2) They play basketball the right way. They move the ball with ease. Their role players are the best role players in the league. Gregg Popovich does a wonderful job having specialist players that get the right players and pieces to go with their style of play. Finding players like Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard? Amazing. They still play great defense and play hard every night. I love this Spurs team.

3) GINOOBIIILLIIIIIIIII (thanks Charles) is still one hell of a player. Mixed with Tony Parker's heroics, this team still is fun to watch.

4) I think they can give the Heat the biggest problems because of their experience and drive. I think the Spurs really want another championship, they have been dry for 6 years.

5) Finally the biggest reason I want to see the Spurs in the Finals, I want Duncan to get ring number 5. If he gets number 5, he could be considered a top-5 NBA player of all-time, and also could be the best player in the Post-Jordan era. People right now can say, Kobe or even Shaq, but once Duncan gets the ring, I would have to say Duncan. 16 straight playoff appearances? 2-time MVP? Should have been this years' Defensive Player of the Year (in my opinion)? 3-time Finals MVP? If you look up "consistent" in the dictionary, Tim Duncan's picture should be there.

I know our team is not in it anymore, but for the rest of the playoffs I will be rooting for Tim Duncan. The drive for five!

Who will you be rooting for? Do you think Tim Duncan can get his 5th ring? Comment below.

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Oh, I forgot, T-Mac! I want him to win a ring too.