NBA source says Paul Pierce's family is preparing for relocation from Boston

 Over the past 24-48 hours, there has been much talk of Paul Pierce having played his last game in a Celtics uniform after an article that was published by Yahoo's Kelly Dwyer, which reported what I consider to be a lot of speculation by CSNNE's Greg Dickerson on Pierce's situation. I tried not to think much of it because it was many people discussing what they thought would happen as opposed to citing concrete sources. Plus I didn't want to believe that we would be without the Truth next year.

However, today the Boston Globe released a piece that mostly reported on Doc Rivers returning to the Celtics, but one paragraph caught my eye about Pierce's family already making preparations to relocate from Boston:

The Celtics have to decide by June 30 whether to buy out Pierce’s contract at $5 million. Ainge said the sides have not had discussions, but an NBA source said Pierce’s family is already beginning to prepare for relocation from Boston, assuming that the Celtics will execute the buyout or trade his expiring contract in the offseason.

The article doesn't cite what specific NBA source gave this report on Pierce's situation. For all we know it could just be more speculation. But often in these situations, where there is smoke, there is fire.

I personally want to see Pierce retire a Celtic after all of his dedication and loyalty to the team, especially when the Celtics were at their worst. But I am getting the impression that Pierce will not be with the team next season. At least Pierce claims that if he's traded, he will come back to Boston before he hangs it up on a one day contract so he can retire a Celtic. And he deserves to.