Celtics Assistant GM turns down Philly GM position

1 of these guys is still the Celtics assistant GM

Last Summer we mentioned that the Philadelphia 76ers were after Celtics Assistant GM Mike Zarren and apparently they were again recently. Zarren surprisingly turned them down.
Celtic assistant general manager and team counsel Mike Zarren turned down an offer to become the GM of the 76ers, two league sources told the Herald today. The job eventually went to Sam Hinkie.

"I don’t know all the details, but I know there was strong interest in Mike from Philly," said Ainge. "I don’t know why (he turned it down). You'll have to ask him."

The Boston Herald did ask Zarren, yet he declined to comment. We sometimes see veteran coaches or GM's turn down positions that they deem poor fits, but usually young assistant GM's jump at the chance to run their own team, so this is a bit puzzling. The Celtics just last week lost one assistant GM, Ryan McDonough, to the Suns. McDonough was credited with the Rajon Rondo and Avery Bradley draft picks, which doesn't leave too many decent picks of late for Zarron to get credit for (or Danny for that matter).

Hard really to evaluate Zarren, but if an NBA team was willing to offer him the reins to their franchise than he must be doing something right. Actually I might have just figured out one reason why he didn't accept the job. Maybe the 76ers have a meddling president or owner and Zarren didn't feel he'd have full decision making autonomy. Anyone else have any theories (and no I won't buy a "He's waiting for Danny to leave" theory)?

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