JR Smith's ineptitude since elbowing Jason Terry has spawned it's own twitter account

Jason Kidd hasn't scored a point in 8 games (since Game 2 vs Boston), but another Knick may being going through an even bigger slump.  After JR Smith's flagrant foul got him suspended for Game 4 of the Celtics series (a game Smith claimed New York would have won if he'd played), he has yet to shoot even 40% from the field in a single game.  Smith is a combined 26-91 (28.6%) over the last 6 contests.  His shooting has become so bad that a twitter account was created to track his misses in the Knicks-Pacers Game 4.  Take a look at the timeline for @DidJRSmithMiss during Smith's 7-22 performance on Tuesday night.

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