Danny Ainge Takes Full Responsibility for Celtics' Loss

After the Celtics failed to comeback and win Game 6 last night, Danny Ainge owned up for his teams failures.

“I take full responsibility for our team not being as good as New York. That is not Doc’s fault, and that is not KG’s fault or Paul Pierce’s fault or Rajon Rondo’s fault."

Before the regular season began, Danny Ainge appeared to have pulled off a series of excellent deals. He started by stealing Jared Sullinger with the 21st pick in the draft, and days later, he made his biggest move of the summer in re-signing Kevin Garnett.

After that, he acquired big bodies in Darko Milicic, Jason Collins, and Fab Melo (we all hoped one of these guys could find a rotation spot), then signed NBA champion Jason Terry for depth and late-game production.

When it looked like he was done dealing, Ainge snagged Courtney Lee in a sign-and-trade then beat the Lakers to land Leandro Barbosa, giving us a potentially dominant backcourt.

While KG had another elite season as an All-Star starter, the rest of these off-season acquisitions were disappointing. Jason Terry went through huge shooting slumps before finally dialing it up for the last 3 games against New York. Despite solid defense and athleticism, Courtney Lee never found his niche.

After pre-draft concerns about his health, Jared Sullinger had back surgery to end what could have been an exceptional Rookie year, and the rest of Boston's new bigs were horrible. Darko Milicic played FIVE MINUTES the whole season, Jason Collins played solid D but was horrid on offense and the boards, and Fab Melo is still far away from being more than a bench warmer.

Despite tons of grit and balls, The Celtics were simply overmatched by The Knicks depth and explosiveness.

I still think Danny Ainge had a solid offseason. Hindsight is 20/20, but I certainly would not have traded our opening day roster for a blown-up rebuilding team. The season ended when Rajon Rondo tore his ACL, and at that point no move was going to get us to The Finals.

That being said, Ainge once again failed to bring in a tall, rebounding center or a backup point guard. We all worried about those two areas during the offseason, and in the end, they turned out to be our achilles heel.

What do you think of Ainge's offseason? What about his overall tenure as Boston's GM? Sound off in the comments below.

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