Curt Schilling gives Celtics advice on comeback

After the Game 4 win in Boston I thought about it... I even included a little Kevin Millar nugget in my post about the Knicks doubling Pierce, but I knew we still had a huge hole to climb out of. Then we won Game 5 and thought ‘man it's starting to feel more and more like that one time.’ Then Jason Terry talked about it in his post-game interview, quoting Millar. Then Mike Saver posted on how Terry and David Ortiz are neighbors and EVEN they talked it.

Now we’re here, at Game 6 on our floor… our destiny is in our hands. The ball is rolling on another all-time epic playoff comeback, paralleling those 4 days in October. The cities are the same but the sports and players are different, yet everyone keeps coming back to the greatest comeback in MLB playoff history – even former Sox players who were on that team.

'Mr. Bloody Sock' Curt Schilling came out on the World Wide Leader, local branch, and talked about how both teams are feeling right now:
“Theres no way both teams aren’t going out on the floor for Game 6 knowing exactly what we’re all thinking,” Schilling said. “New York is saying 'Oh my God, we cannot choke this away’, and Boston’s like ‘Wow this would be fun.’ And they’re two completely different mindsets, not to mention they make you different physically and that’s a big deal.”

Ironic that Rasheed Wallace played for the Knicks earlier in the season because his quote about the playoffs perfectly describes this situation. If you don't remember he once said ‘A lot of them jump shots, the buttholes get tight’ and that’s how the Knicks looked in Game 5, and hopefully they will again Game 6. Schilling gave some words of wisdom to the Celtics to help tonight:
“Just focus, focus on the trip up the court, nothing more. Nothing but that trip down the floor matters, and you do it one at a time.”

He also did so for the Knicks:
“Good luck golfing this [summer].”

Here is the video of the full interview:

I don't want to call our shot, like when you're watching a no-hitter. I will say though IF New York historically collapses again....... it will be freakin awesome. But we still got Game 6 tonight in the Garden it's going to be tough. Although I guarantee that place will be rocking, and if we win then we got Game 7. In the wise words of Kevin Millar: Game 7 anything can happen.

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