Celtics Assistant GM Could Be Heading to Phoenix

Celtics Assistant General Manager Ryan McDonough has been a master of advanced scouting over the past decade, finding draft steals such as Kendrick Perkins (27th pick), Tony Allen (25th), Rajon Rondo (21st), Glen Davis (35th), Avery Bradley (22nd), and Jared Sullinger (21st).

Though a GM's job is never entirely safe in professional sports, Danny Ainge doesn't appear to be leaving anytime soon, but McDonough might have a chance to take the reins for the Phoenix Suns.

After a series of blunders (trading Marion for Shaq, giving Michael Beasley 3 years, $18 MILLION, etc.), the Suns were the worst team in the Western Conference this season with a 25 and 57 record. As a Phoenix native, trust me when I say it was downright ugly.

Phoenix is deciding between McDonough, Milwaukee Assistant GM Jeff Weltman, and San Antonio Assistant GM Scott Layden, all of whom have made some excellent picks. Though it might not seem like a big deal, losing McDonough would hurt the C's. After all, The Big 3 never would have won without young guns in Rondo and Perkins, and other prospects have had crucial contributions in the years since '08.

As we've seen with Thunder GM Sam Presti, who originally scouted with the Spurs and pushed for Tony Parker with the 28th pick, you can't pull off too many draft-day steals before other teams offer you the big money. Still, I'd love to get a few more Rondos and Sullingers out of McDonough before he goes.

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