Chris Wilcox gives back

Chris Wilcox with our girl

Last week, I wrote an article about Chris Wilcox and how basically he was a disappointment for this team. Even though he didn't play well on the court, he is still grateful to the Boston community. Last month, he decided to give his time to the American Heart Association's Heart Ball last month in auctioning off a free basketball clinic on Monday that was awarded to 10 children from Oak Hill Middle School in Newton. reported that Chris Wilcox was eternally grateful for what the Boston Celtics and the city has done for him.

"At the end of the day, Boston gave me a second chance on life, a second chance on my career, I owe everything to them for giving me that opportunity. But at the same time, I want to give back to the community and show the fans that I appreciate the support they gave me when I was gong through what I was going through."

According to the AHA website, the Boston Heart Ball campaign raised more than $51 million nation-wide, "allowing them to fund more $123 million of research and programs."

That is pretty awesome, even though I don't think the Boston Celtics should bring him back, Wilcox is definitely a good person and definitely appreciates the opportunity he had of being a Celtic. Either if he comes back to the Boston Celtics or not, I respect Chris Wilcox, because he came back from a major heart surgery and played the game he loves, mad respect.

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