Celtics to have six point guards in for workouts

You think Danny Ainge is looking to draft a backup point guard?

The writing has really been on the wall for a while. The Celtics have struggled to find a point guard to back up Rajon Rondo. Terrance Williams could've filled that role a bit but his future with the team remains unclear after a recent arrest.

Not having a true point guard behind Rondo was a glaring issue that the team was able to get away with, by just barely ever taking Rondo off of the floor. They got by with Keyon Dooling filling the role at times in the 2011-12 season, but really haven't had a true point guard behind Rondo since probably Sam Cassell.

It finally came back to haunt them this past season when Rondo tore his ACL.

The team succeeded for a bit in his absence, but as the season dragged on they started to truly miss having a person to run their offense on the floor. The absence of a legitimate point guard was never more poignant than in their 6 game loss to the New York Knicks in which the team was down 0-3 at one point.

That coupled with the fact that the Celtics were linked to Clippers' back up point guard Eric Bledsoe several times, you have to be thinking that's going to be a priority. It could even be addressed in the draft.

That's a pretty strong hint right there. Also, dialed-in ESPN draft expert Chad Ford recently pegged point guard Dennis Schroeder to the Celtics in a mock draft. Who has Schroeder been most compared to? Rajon Rondo.

Most Celtics fans are clamoring for the Celtics to draft a big man, and with good reason. Finding some size in indisputably the Celtics biggest need, it's also the biggest need of about 20 other teams. The reason being, there aren't a lot of quality big men out there. We saw the Celtics draft Fab Melo based on his size, should they continue to ignore other needs and just draft big guys in the middle to late rounds hoping that one catches? I don't think that's the wisest strategy.

The Celtics are working out some bigs as well (4 to be exact), so don't worry, but do not be surprised if they draft a point guard because that is another huge need on this team as well.