KG Texts Kobe: Mutual Respect between 2 Legends

After a ruptured Achilles defanged The Black Mamba, Kevin Garnett looked to the magic of texting to send his best wishes. Even the fiercest rivals hate to see each other fall to injury, and in this case you know Garnett was hoping to meet Kobe Bryant in The Finals to exact his vengeance for 2010. Despite their history of playoff showdowns (including Kevin's Minnesota days), Kobe and KG have a level of respect for each other's professionalism that hearkens back to an earlier era. Unlike the new generation of LeBrons and Durants pallin' around in the offseason, these two are sworn enemies. But like two great warriors, they understand each other's brilliance.

2 of the best players of their generation, (along with Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowtizki, Shaquille O'Neal, and Steve Nash, to name a few) it's sad to see that their gun-slinging showdowns are probably over. The Lakers chances at making a deep run in the playoffs are now very low, and Bryant's days as a top-3 player are all but gone (It is Kobe so you can't count him out for sure). These legends brought us two incredible Finals series, though it still kills me to think about how great a 2009 rematch would have been if KG didn't hurt his knee. Each postseason, I fantasize about Pierce and KG getting to face off against other hall of fame veterans. With Kobe injured and Dirk's Mavs out of the playoff hunt, I'm hoping to see the ultimate duel between The Big Ticket and The Big Fundamental this summer.

P.S. In case you've forgotten just how long Kobe and KG have been in the league for, this picture should jog your memory.

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