JR Smith suspended for Game 4

New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith has been suspended for Game 4 of the Knicks-Celtics playoff series for throwing an elbow that struck the chin of Boston's Jason Terry in Game 3, the NBA announced Saturday night.

In a statement, the NBA said it suspended Smith for "throwing an elbow and striking the chin" of Terry.

Smith said on Friday he was trying to draw a foul on Terry on the play, which occurred with seven minutes to play in the game and the Knicks ahead by 19.

"That was a bad basketball play on my behalf, just because I got kicked out of the game and my team needed me," said Smith, who won the NBA's Sixth Man Award earlier this week.

Terry declined comment on the play before Boston's off-day film session on Saturday.

I know a lot of people are counting the Celtics out, but I'd be shocked to see KG allow the Celtics to get swept in likely his final season, by Carmelo and the Knicks. KG put up 12 points and 17 rebounds on Friday night and if he needs to do more to avoid the sweep, expect him to do more today. And that's on injured wheels.

The Knicks are the 2 seed and the Celtics are the 7th seed who happen to be missing their best player. The Knicks are expected to win this series. That's why every ESPN "experts" picked the Knicks. We're big time underdogs without Rondo. Add KG's injury and it shouldn't be that surprising that the Knicks are up 3-0. But Pierce, KG, and Terry aren't going out getting swept. Too much pride. And no JR Smith today? Today's a win. Today might be the final home game for KG and Pierce in Boston, but it's not going to be a loss.