J.R. Smith says if he played Game 4 the Knicks would be golfing right now

No, the series would be over if Chuck Nevitt was like 20 years younger and played for Boston
Ok, no it wouldn't.

The Knicks keep churning out the trash talk. They must be pretty fired up to be beating an old and beaten up Celtics team missing their best player.

New York's Kenyon Martin told his team yesterday to wear funeral colors because they were going to end the series. Apparently he was none too pleased with some comments Celtics guard Jason Terry made to him in that game.

Of course, Terry is the same player who was elbowed by the NBA and New York's Sixth Man of the Year, J.R. Smith, in the game prior. That little incident caused Smith to be suspended for Game 4. He believes that if that didn't happen, the Knicks would've swept.

"Oh yeah, it would've been over," Smith said after Tuesday's practice. "I'd have been playing golf today."

This is probably a case of trash talk that maybe shouldn't be considered trash talk. With that game being so close, yeah it stands to reason to say that the Knicks might've won with one of their best players on the court. Still, they did end up getting a superhuman effort out of Raymond "fat" Felton and weren't without their share of chances to win that game.

Regardless of whether he's right or not, Smith should maybe act a little more professionally.

Smith watched on television Sunday as the Celtics defeated the Knicks, 97-90, in overtime to avoid elimination and extend the series. Smith also watched Terry score nine points in overtime.

Asked about Terry on Tuesday, Smith said, "Who? I don't even know who that is."

A bit immature if you ask me. So because he elbowed Terry he's now angry at him or something? Players talk trash on the court. It's part of the game. Apparently, no one on the Knicks is able to handle that (see: Anthony, Carmelo filed under Honey Nut Cheerios).

I'm not sure why the Knicks seem so annoyed by the Celtics. They're up 3-1. The fact that the Celtics talk is getting under their skin just proves to me that if Boston was healthy, they would have no trouble with New York. Unfortunately, Boston is very beat up, and may I say again, missing their best player.

Anyway, Smith can get his golf time in soon enough because there's no chance in hell the Knicks can get past the Heat.