Free Giveaway! Win an issue of Celtics Pride or a Kevin McHale Starting Lineup

The premier Celtics blog, Celticslife, is at it yet again giving you a chance to win an issue of Celtics Pride or a Kevin McHale-Patrick Ewing starting lineup.  All you need to do is name who each of the players is pictured below.  As a huge advocate of some of the more obscure Celtics, I can assure you that none of these guys pictured here appear on the WTHHT Index, although there has been a couple of articles written on a couple of them.

As a hint, some of these guys were draft picks and some were summer camp invite guys who didn't stick around and actually make the team but did play for the them in the summer.  Some of them have totally unique circumstances.  

The first person to correctly identify each player AND leave their email address in the comments wins.  I will coordinate with you regarding your mailing address and what you're looking for.  Only available to US residents only.  Good luck!