Celtics president Rich Gotham, Doc Rivers, Jeff Green and Shavlik Randolph speak about yesterday

The Celtics official twitter account relayed some comments from Celtics president Rich Gotham on the cancellation of tonight's game. In light of the events of yesterday, I think everyone can agree it was the correct decision.

"The notion of playing a basketball game a day later didn't feel right. Some things are bigger than basketball. We didn't cancel this event out of public security fear. Our venue is going to be safe when we play our next game. The NBA and the Celtics were on the same page. There was not a debate about not playing this game."

The team is holding a practice today so expect to hear more and more comments coming in as players and coaches give their thoughts on yesterday's event.

Shavlik Randolph and Jeff Green both echoed Gotham's message today.

"I don't think anyone is thinking of basketball at a time like this," Randolph said at practice today. It's likely to be a very strange practice. I'm finding it hard enough to concentrate on anything myself.

"Everybody has got to be safe," said Jeff Green. "I think it was right to cancel the game out of respect for the families affected."

Among the Celtics players, there was also a lot of concern for Jeff Green in particular.

Green said he received several texts asking if he was OK, but thankfully he had not arrived on the scene yet. Celtics coach Doc Rivers was similarly fortunate, as he was heading that way as well. I'll end with the coach's comments.

Transcript via Chris Forsberg:
Just horrible, horrible events. Living right there, it was awful, awful day; sad day. I always go down after practice and watch, I've done it every year that we've been in town, because I live literally two blocks from the finish line. I was on my way actually, I had just gotten out of the tunnel, when the bomb exploded. It's just awful. It takes the joy out of sports -- because that's what sports is supposed to bring is joy. It took all the joy out of the event and out of the day. So, it was a long day for everyone. Being in the city, the one thing I will say, you're just really proud to be a part of Boston. I saw people who didn't work for the police or anything like that, directing traffic, showing people where to go. I just thought the spirit of Boston was phenomenal last night. In a tragic event, it either separates you or brings you together. It clearly brought the city of Boston together, which was awesome.