Carmelo bashes NY fans for booing Pierce in pregame ceremony

Prior to game 1, the Knicks put on a nice ceremony to show their support for the city of Boston in these tough times. Captains for both teams spoke briefly, Carmelo to express support and Pierce to thank New York for their backing. But a few Neanderthal New Yorkers didn’t understand that this moment transcended sports and thought it was the best time to boo the captain from the team in green. Here’s the clip:

I won’t let actions of a few ruin the feelings of many, because there were cheers that you could hear over the boos. Carmelo came out and was vocal in condemning these people, gaining respect from me, saying:

'I don’t think that was the right thing to do, boo somebody like that,’ Anthony said after the game. ‘At the end of the day, we all know what happened in Boston. Our prayers go out to the families and the City of Boston. In a situation like today, we all want … it’s all about the U.S. It’s our country. And it’s sad we have to go through unfortunate tragedies like that. Whoever booed him shouldn’t have booed him, not in a situation like that.'

I have many friends who are Knicks fans and Pierce is public enemy #1 when talking basketball, but none of them would ever think of booing at a moment like that. I can’t say I’m surprised it happened, but it’s shameful and embarrassing to take sports sentiments and try to ruin an act of camaraderie between two cities. Luckily the few didn’t rain on this parade; it was an awesome moment between New York and Boston before the game. Now that we’re competing they will boo, berate and trash Pierce…. which is how it should be. I don’t even know what The Truth would need to do to be liked by Knicks fans, even if he won a championship coaching them I think he would still be maligned, but that’s sports.

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