5 Reasons the Celtics will beat the Knicks

Ok it's a Celtics blog, so normally you'd think we'd have articles biased towards the Celtics.  But I'll say it right here, right away: I personally don't anticipate the Celtics getting past Miami if and when they meet (and I do think it has a legit shot of happening).  But in talking about the first round series where the 7th seeded Celtics will take on the 2nd seeded Knicks.  Celts are underdogs, right?  Wrong.  Here's 5 reasons you should realize the Celtics will win this series.

5.  Three pointers.  Yes the Knicks make a lot.  They also take a lot.  Having watched NBA playoff basketball carefully for over 25 years I tell you this: it really is fool's gold.  You can win a round, or even two (ask the 02 Celtics) but ultimately it's a gimmick and you don't win a title on it.  In the playoffs, you're fully preparing for one team over the course of a couple of weeks.  Think the Celtics will know to close out on these guys at the line?  Better believe it in that Doc will have them ready.

4. Home court is irrelevant.  Big deal, there's one more game at the world's most unfamous arena.  Think the Celtics won't win in a big spot in NYC, with their full attention given to the team they're playing?  Think again.  I see Boston probably winning 2 games at MSG this series.  They'll be focused-in big time.

3. Carmelo.  He's proven it time and time again, he's lacking that gene that makes him a transcendent player, capable of making his teammates better.  I know he's had a good season.  But he'll always be the guy who forced a tumultuous exit from Denver (who catered to his every need) only to come to NY, and bitch and moan when Jeremy Lin garnered attention.  He'll sulk again when he doesn't win a title this year but one day he'll realize that he deserves a lot of the blame he gets.

2. Terry, KG and most importantly, Paul Pierce.  Yes these guys are long in the tooth.  Terry's had a disappointing season.  But playoff time?  Playoffs (think Jim Mora)?  I expect big time moments from all of the aforementioned.  Paul takes great pleasure in beating the Knicks and I have no doubt he'll accomplish it this time again.  I also expect balls-to-the-wall defense from Avery Bradley against both Fat Felton and JR Smith at different times, whatever is needed, stifling either one.

1. The Doc factor.  Doc's always taken his share of stuff from critics but matched up with Mike Woodson?  In my best NY accent "Forget about it!"  Woodson has consistently proven in his time as a coach with the Hawks that when the moment gets heated, he'll fall apart.  I expect Doc to own the coaching in this series and for Woodson to flounder once again when it's all about the match-ups.

Celtics win this series in 6, maybe 5.  The Knicks have been a huge gimmick all season and they're about to be exposed for the frauds they really are.  So get our your Honey-Nut Tee's Celtics fans and get ready for the second round, because it'll be here before you know it.

PS: Winning this series will erase the 1990 NBA playoff horror from my mind.